Highflyers Tips

The Service

To Sign Up with Highflyers is very simple – go to the Sign Up Page to register as a member at any time.

Once you have registered you can buy a subscription or a block of days.

are ideal for those who want to use our information every day. Once a subscription is in place the betting information is sent as soon as the bets are ready without any action needed from the subscriber.

Days are ideal for those that want to choose on which days they want our information. For example, this could be for those that bet mainly at weekends, when on holiday or when going to the races. Unlike subscriptions, those members with days on their accounts will need to take action to receive the bets. This will involve visiting our website. CLICK HERE for prices of Subscriptions and Days.

With the Betting information email, as well as having the audio service attached as a sound file, we also give for each selection what is the best price available. These prices are at the time the bets are prepared and obviously in some cases these may change by the time you read our email.

We strongly advise taking early prices as invariably the prices of our racing tips will shorten.

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more details on how the service works and other information.


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